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Sähkö-Buumi Oy – Electrical installations with expertise, experience and pride since the year 1992

Sähkö-Buumi Oy is a Finland-based company with a broad scope of experience in electrical installations. Our main office is based in Helsinki and employs 30 electrical professionals. Our finance is stable and strong and we have the highest AAA+ credit rating. In the year 2017 our revenue was 3.4 million euros. Sähkö-Buumi is part of international Instalco-group.

The main business of Sähkö-Buumi Oy is contract work and we have specialized in the electrical installations which are completed during the renewal of the piping systems. We also deliver cleantech projects to our customers. Behind the responsible project execution and customer satisfaction is the experience acquired in over 25 years of versatile projects and the understanding needed and required to complete difficult projects that old houses are providing  to us.

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